Websites, Promo Codes and Discounts

As we are travelling a lot while living in the USA, I use quite a few different websites to book our travel and accommodation. I thought I’d share them here in case you need some inspiration.

If you are anything like me you will also love to save a bit of money. I always try to find a promo code/discount/coupon for anything I buy online, so I’ve rounded up some of the best to save you a few pennies.

This is probably the main website we use to book hotels as they have a really good loyalty program. If you stay 10 nights within a year you get one night free. The value is worked out as an average of the nights you have paid for and can be used towards a stay that is more expensive. As we are travelling quite a lot, these nights do rack up. We are saving them to go towards a trip to Hawaii before we go back to the UK! also price match guarantee, so if after you have booked you find it cheaper elsewhere you can submit a claim for the difference.

Save $50 on your first booking with this link.


If we want something a bit different to a hotel, an apartment with a kitchen or somewhere for a group of us we always look on airbnb. It takes a little bit more research but you can book some real gems on here!

Use this link to save $40 when you sign up.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is an app that is great for last minute bookings. You can only book up to a week in advance, making it truly last minute, but it means you can get some amazing savings on gorgeous hotels as they try to sell their last rooms.

You need to download the app to search, and use my code NAPARRY to save $25 (or £15 in the UK) off your first booking.


While Groupon has been around for a really long time, I had never actually used it until recently. I always thought of it as the website that sends you hundreds of emails for things you don’t want. But there are actually some amazing deals on there. Hotels, cottages, restaurants, attractions, things to do. If you are booking a trip, definitely check Groupon for any deals. I’ve booked hotel stays, Las Vegas buffets, restaurants, an LA club crawl… all sorts!

Click here for the website and use promo code WELCOME to save 25% on your first groupon.


Disclaimer: Some of these referral links will earn me credit, but I’m only sharing them because they are websites I actually use and because they will save you money.