Cycling Over The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

We’ve recently had my husband’s mum out to stay with us for a couple of weeks and one of the places she wanted to visit was San Francisco. We’ve been a couple of times already and I’ve written about it here and here so I won’t repeat myself!

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10 Things To Do In San Francisco

We’ve been to San Francisco a couple of times now, and my friend got in touch the other day to ask for some advice on where to go and what to do there. I realised I had a huge list from my experience and sent her the longest email. After sending it I thought it would actually make a good blog post for anyone thinking of visiting. I hope you enjoy!

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New Year in San Francisco

We headed up to San Francisco for 4 nights over new year. It’s about a 6 hour drive from us, so definitely doable in a day. We have been before, about 5 years ago, so we have already ticked a lot of the touristy stuff of the list like Alcatraz and cycling over the Golden Gate bridge, so we were a little worried we wouldn’t have much to do, but it was the complete opposite! I actually think I enjoyed San Fran more the 2nd time around.

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