Getting Out Of The House {2017 Week 16 and 17}

Evening all, I’ll start with an apology that last weeks update didn’t happen, believe it or not I’ve been super busy! After my last weekly update, where I had a bit of a moan about not feeling great, not getting out and feeling lonely, the past 2 weeks have definitely made up for it. I had some really lovely texts from a couple of people after hitting publish on the last post,Β which definitely cheered me up, and we made plans for a busy week/fortnight. WARNING: This may be a long one! Continue reading “Getting Out Of The House {2017 Week 16 and 17}”


Stunning Sunset and San Diego Zoo

The Americans love their bank holidays! There are definitely more here than in the UK, which is great for us as it means more long weekends. November 11th is Veterans Day, so not everyone gets it off work, but the military do so we decided to get away for the weekend.

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