A Week By The Coast At Huntington Beach

Apologies it has been a little quiet over here the past few weeks, we’ve been busy with a few trips that I now need to write up. While we are managing to travel quite a lot while we are in California, we tend to fit in lots of short 2/3 day trips making the most of the weekends. It was about time we had a ‘proper’ holiday, taking a whole week off to relax, so when we had visitors in the middle of August we decided to book a cottage at the coast for a week. Continue reading “A Week By The Coast At Huntington Beach”


Exploring With Visitors – Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Six Flags – July 2017

July has been a good month! We enjoyed a weekend at Newport and Laguna Beach, then spent a weekend a little closer to home with a trip to Downtown LA.ย Then from the middle of the month we’ve had my brother and my niece to stay. They left yesterday and the house feels very quiet today. Continue reading “Exploring With Visitors – Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Six Flags – July 2017”

A Weekend in The OC

We’re really trying to make the most of our summer here in California as it could be our only one. Kristian was back in the UK at the end of June so I decided to book a nice weekend away for when he got back. As summer is well and truly here (hello 42 degrees) we planned a weekend at the coast.

Continue reading “A Weekend in The OC”

A Last Minute Getaway to Morro Bay, California

Kristian had a couple of days leave he had to take before the end of this month, so he booked Monday & Tuesday off even though we had no plans. We had looked at a few places to go, but as I was out on Saturday night I wasn’t sure how much I would be up for driving anywhere on Sunday morning. After waking up only a *little* hungover, we decided to just book somewhere and get on the road. I have a lot of photos from this trip so will split this into a couple of posts. Continue reading “A Last Minute Getaway to Morro Bay, California”