Camping at Lake Arrowhead

At the beginning of June, just after getting back from the UK, we went on our first California camping trip, and the first time we’ve ever taken Charlie camping! It was a really last minute trip, I was chatting with a friend and we both fancied camping that weekend, so she looked up some campsites and we found one in the San Bernardino Mountains at Lake Arrowhead.

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A Yorkshire Girl in Yorkshire – May 2017

HELLO! It’s been a little quiet around here recently, sorry about that, I will try and be better. We went back to the UK for a few weeks in May, blogging just seemed trail off, and I’ve been struggling to find my mojo since we’ve been back. But I’m back, and I’m going to try really hard not to let that happen again.

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A Weekend On Catalina Island, California

For Kristian’s birthday I booked him a course to learn how to scuba dive. This also included a weekend diving on Catalina, which is an island just west of Long Beach, LA. As I didn’t have anything else planned for the weekend, I went along too. I’ve done my dive qualification before, about 10 years ago in Australia, so my plan was to just spend the weekend exploring while the group were off diving. Continue reading “A Weekend On Catalina Island, California”