A Weekend On Catalina Island, California

For Kristian’s birthday I booked him a course to learn how to scuba dive. This also included a weekend diving on Catalina, which is an island just west of Long Beach, LA. As I didn’t have anything else planned for the weekend, I went along too. I’ve done my dive qualification before, about 10 years ago in Australia, so my plan was to just spend the weekend exploring while the group were off diving. Continue reading “A Weekend On Catalina Island, California”

The El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard

My favourite Disney film from my childhood was Beauty and the Beast. I used to watch it over and over, I think I actually wore out the VHS! I’ve been really looking forward to the live action remake, so when my friend invited us to go see it somewhere pretty special I couldn’t refuse.

Continue reading “The El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard”

Solvang – A Danish Town in California

This is another short and sweet post, but I thought this place needed a blog of it’s own! On the drive back from our recent trip to Morro Bay and the California Central Coast we stopped off at Solvang. A friend had mentioned it was a nice place to visit, but I didn’t know what to expect.  Continue reading “Solvang – A Danish Town in California”