7 Weeks And No Blogging

I’ve been a bit quiet on here since my last blog post –  a round up of all the great things that happened in 2017 which I published near the end of December. I was in a hotel room in Vancouver, on our final trip of the year, and 25 minutes after I hit publish I had a phone call from my mum in the UK with bad news. Continue reading “7 Weeks And No Blogging”


A Look Back On 2017

There is something I really like about the end of a year and the start of a new one. It’s a great opportunity to reflect, but also make new plans. 2017 has been the most incredible year for us with the opportunity to travel in the USA, and 2018 will bring new adventures. But for now here is what I’ve been up to (and writing about) in 2017! Continue reading “A Look Back On 2017”

Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon

At the beginning of this year I could barely run a mile. Not that I wasn’t keeping fit but running has never been something I feel I’ve been any good at. After being encouraged by my friend to sign up to a 5K wine run in March (you can read about it here) for some crazy reason I then decided to join them in the Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon on the 29th October. Continue reading “Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon”

Exploring With Visitors – Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Six Flags – July 2017

July has been a good month! We enjoyed a weekend at Newport and Laguna Beach, then spent a weekend a little closer to home with a trip to Downtown LA. Then from the middle of the month we’ve had my brother and my niece to stay. They left yesterday and the house feels very quiet today. Continue reading “Exploring With Visitors – Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Six Flags – July 2017”