7 Weeks And No Blogging

I’ve been a bit quiet on here since my last blog post –  a round up of all the great things that happened in 2017 which I published near the end of December. I was in a hotel room in Vancouver, on our final trip of the year, and 25 minutes after I hit publish I had a phone call from my mum in the UK with bad news.

My gran had passed away. I was devastated. Almost 5000 miles away from my family and where I will always call home, I found it really tough. My gran had always been an important figure in my life. She hadn’t been ill so it was a complete shock. I had only been talking to her a couple of days earlier and it took me a while to come to terms with it.

Grief really is a strange beast. I guess everyone experiences it differently and this is the first time I’ve lost someone really close to me. I found that one minute I would be fine and the next it was like a wave of emotion flooded my head and I would get really upset. We were away at the time, travelling from Vancouver to Seattle to Portland, and I’m not sure whether the travel helped as a distraction, or whether I really just wanted to be at home with my family.

I don’t really have any pictures of that trip. I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind and I definitely wasn’t thinking about blogging. In some way I felt angry at myself, I had written this post about having such a fantastic year in 2017, then it ended on such a low losing my gran. It’s hard to write about the good things when you are feeling so down.

I arranged to go back to the UK for the funeral and spent a week and a half in my hometown, helping my mum with the arrangements, supporting her when she needed me and spending much needed time with the family. It definitely helped having this time, but I found it tough to get back on the plane to head back to California.

As soon as I got back we were already travelling. We had to postpone a skiing trip to Lake Tahoe for me to go home, so we went the day after I got back. It was a great trip, and I did take a lot of photos so I will write about that very soon.

We’ve now only got 5 weeks left of our California adventure. I’m actually really looking forward to moving back to the UK. I will miss the blue skies and sunshine every day and the weekends spent exploring, but I’m ready. Ready for the next adventure and see what 2018 brings!



3 thoughts on “7 Weeks And No Blogging

  1. I’ve so enjoyed reading all your blogs about all the fascinating things that you’ve been doing whilst in the USA. I think you’ll agree – its been an amazing time for you both over there. I know you’ll miss the lifestyle for a while, but there’s a few people over here who can’t wait to have you both back home again ! Lots of love Dee xx

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