A Week By The Coast At Huntington Beach

Apologies it has been a little quiet over here the past few weeks, we’ve been busy with a few trips that I now need to write up. While we are managing to travel quite a lot while we are in California, we tend to fit in lots of short 2/3 day trips making the most of the weekends. It was about time we had a ‘proper’ holiday, taking a whole week off to relax, so when we had visitors in the middle of August we decided to book a cottage at the coast for a week.

We chose Huntington Beach as we wanted to be out of LA, a great beach and town with bars and restaurants to keep everyone entertained. Huntington had the perfect mix of everything we were looking for, and we hadn’t been before so it was nice to stay somewhere new. It was ideal because the beach is HUGE, Main Street is walkable and has lots of bars and places to eat, and it wasn’t too far to be able to spend a couple of days sight seeing in LA.

As there were 5 of us we booked an Airbnb. I find Airbnb great if there is a group of you, but whenever I have looked for just the 2 of us I can usually find a better deal on a hotel. We found a gorgeous little beach house in a residential area, only 3 blocks from the beach and about a 10 minute walk to Main Street and the pier. The house had 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms, outdoor space for BBQs and a garage full of beach essentials including chairs, body boards, volleyball, a cooler – the list goes on! You can check out the listing here I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a house in Huntington Beach. If you are a first timer for Airbnb you can also get $40/£30 off if you use my referral link to sign up which you can find here.


We spent most of the week on the beach, sunbathing, swimming in the waves, playing volleyball and generally just relaxing. We ate out a few times, but having the airbnb was ideal as we had a full kitchen to make meals at the house when we wanted to. I often think eating out every night for a week can get a bit much (both on the purse and the waistline!) so it was nice to be able to break it up.


Huntington Beach to me is quintessential California – a town with a relaxed, chilled out, surfer type of vibe. It’s the California you think of if you have never been or only seen it in the movies.


I managed to get a few early morning runs along the beach path in, which was great to get back on the half marathon training as it has been so hot to run where we live recently.

The USA is famous for its outlet malls, so we took the opportunity to visit one of the biggest in the area, Ontario Mills, to fill the wardrobe with some bargains from stores like Abercrombie, Hollister, J. Crew, American Eagle, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and so many more. I love outlet shopping as you can get great quality clothes hugely discounted.

We also spent a couple of hours visiting Hollywood. I’m not sure how many times we have been here now, all of our visitors want to see the stars on the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood sign. It is iconic LA, but I didn’t take any photos as we have been so many times!

On the last night of our trip we had booked tickets to see an American football game. We didn’t make it to a game last season and it something we really wanted to do so when I saw an offer on groupon I booked it straight away. It was a pre-season game, the LA Rams vs the Chargers at the LA Memorial Coliseum which is at USC. The stadium was huge! I actually really enjoyed the game, even though it is very stop/start like baseball. I think we will try see another game this season, maybe a college game to see if it is a different atmosphere to the NFL.


So our week by the beach was everything we wanted it to be, a week out to relax with friends and enjoy the sunshine. It’s a town I would definitely recommend if you are looking for something similar.



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