DTLA: Grand Central Market & The Last Bookstore

Can you believe we had never been to Downtown LA? We’ve lived here 10 months now and never been, and even when we did our West Coast road trip 5 years ago we spent 5 days in the LA area and didn’t go. We’ve done Hollywood, Griffith Park, Getty Center, Santa Monica and other beaches, but not downtown LA. So last Sunday afternoon, we decided to head out to explore for a couple of hours.

I know why we have never really explored DTLA, I’m not sure what there is to see there! We thought we would just park up and have a wander around, so we headed to the Grand Central Market to pick up a late lunch, followed by an ice cream.


I had heard of a huge independent bookstore in downtown which I really fancied a look around. The store makes a point of the fact that book shops are a bit of a dying breed due to online shopping (ironically I saw someone sat in there reading a book on a kindle…) but I think there is nothing better than being able to actually pick up a book and look at it before buying it. It has a mix of new and second hand books, along with a whole section of ‘decorative books’ all arranged into different colours for use as decoration. I totally was a fan of this, Kristian not so much.


After a little more of a wander, we had to head back as we had left pooch at home. Although I’m not too sure what else there really is to see in the area..? If you have any recommendations please do let me know below! Next time I think we’ll head to the Arts District, and we still haven’t visited Beverley Hills so that is on the list too.



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