Camping at Lake Arrowhead

At the beginning of June, just after getting back from the UK, we went on our first California camping trip, and the first time we’ve ever taken Charlie camping! It was a really last minute trip, I was chatting with a friend and we both fancied camping that weekend, so she looked up some campsites and we found one in the San Bernardino Mountains at Lake Arrowhead.

Lake Arrowhead is in the same mountain area as Big Bear Lake, which was one of the first trips we did when we got here (you can read about it here) and is about a 2 hour drive from home. We’ve not camped for ages (I think since Glastonbury 2 years ago) so we dragged out the tent and sleeping bags etc to make sure all was still ok. Kristian and I are definitely not pro campers, but luckily our friends Sally and Loz had everything we could ever need – thanks guys!


We drove up to the campsite on the Friday afternoon, and after setting up the tents and getting a fire going, Sally and Loz cooked us a lovely steak on the BBQ. We stayed up for hours chatting around the fire and drinking gin – the ideal camping trip!



The next morning we went for a walk with dogs around the area by the campsite and up into the mountains. We got some amazing views, but I think it was a bit too hot for the pooches. We underestimated just how hot it was going to be in the mountains!


We spent the afternoon exploring Lake Arrowhead village and enjoying ice cream. Unfortunately the lake is a private lake so we couldn’t actually go in it, which was a shame as I think the dogs would have loved to cool down, and the guys wanted to hire a boat on the lake.


We picked up a bottle of prosecco and headed back to the campsite where we played a few games and we made tacos for dinner. Followed by more gin and fireside chats (and Charlie digging holes to lay in and cool down).


We spent most of the Sunday looking for a lake where we could hire a boat, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. We did find some nice lakes though at Lake Gregory and Silverwood, which we might head back to one day.


It was so nice to have a relaxed spontaneous weekend away with good friends and the pooches, we’re already planning more camping trips for the summer.



2 thoughts on “Camping at Lake Arrowhead

  1. Lake Arrowhead looked really lovely …. stunning views! I’m sure Charlie enjoyed it even though it was so hot … there must be some kind of portable battery operated cooling system for you intrepid campers, surely! Or maybe something that operates off the car battery. Just a thought. xx

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