A Yorkshire Girl in Yorkshire – May 2017

HELLO! It’s been a little quiet around here recently, sorry about that, I will try and be better. We went back to the UK for a few weeks in May, blogging just seemed trail off, and I’ve been struggling to find my mojo since we’ve been back. But I’m back, and I’m going to try really hard not to let that happen again.

I thought I would start with a little recap of what went on in May, I’ll do another for June and I will resume my weekly updates soon. We’ve been on a few trips, so I will be writing individual blog posts about those too.

As I mentioned, we spent most of May back in the UK. One of my loveliest friends was getting married, so that is why we booked the trip. It was so nice to family and friends, but I think if it hadn’t been for the wedding I’m not sure we would have gone back to the UK yet.

We spent a couple of days with Kristian’s mum in London, before heading up to York for the week to see my family and friends, and for the wedding. I was trying to keep up my running training while on this trip, so did a couple of park runs, and some longer runs in the Yorkshire countryside (and the rain!).

I met up with my favourite girls for catch ups and curry in York. You know when you have good friends when you don’t see each other for ages and when you do it’s like nothing has changed. It’s not always easy to keep in touch loads due to the time difference and everyone having so much going on, but you would never know that I hadn’t seen them for 9 months. It was a lovely evening which ended up drinking lots of different gins, that is one area America needs to up their game – gin!!

The wedding was fabulous, my friend looked absolutely stunning and I’m so happy for both of them, they are so well suited and make each other so happy. Congratulations Nadia and Phil!!

I also managed to squeeze in a family Sunday roast, with my mum, brothers, nieces and nephews – it was great. My mum is the best cook (I maybe a little bit bias) and it was so nice to see all the family together. My littlest niece and nephew have changed so much in the 9 months since I last saw them so it was so good to spend time with them.

After a week in York, Kristian and I headed up to the Lake District for a few days. It was our wedding anniversary and the Lakes hold a special place in our hearts (we had our first ‘mini break’ there, and after numerous other weekends there it’s also where Kristian proposed!) I took loads of photos and we did quite a lot there, so I think I will write about our little trip in another post.


After a pit stop back in York, we spent the last few days of our trip back down in London. The weather was gorgeous – so unusual for the UK – so we tried to make the most of it. We spent the Friday wandering around Kenwood House in Hampstead, enjoying the sunshine in the gardens. I had never been before, but I’d highly recommend it if you are nearby. The gardens seem so peaceful, you would never know you were in London. Apart from the amazing views you get over the city.


Kristian’s birthday was at the beginning of May and his mum had got us all tickets to see The Book of Mormon on our final weekend in London. We had both wanted to see it for a while, although I will have to admit I didn’t know what it was about. All I had heard was that it was funny… Well, it was hilarious! It was a bit controversial, although I didn’t think its was that bad. I think we found it funnier after living in the US, and having recently been to Salt Lake City, which is mentioned quite a lot. Definitely go and see it if you are not easily offended!

We managed to squeeze in a little Tesco trip before we flew back to California, stocking up on Yorkshire Tea, Marmite and a little bit of Dairy Milk chocolate. The flight from London to LA is 11 hours long, which takes a bit of getting used to. I’m also terrified of flying which doesn’t help. I always get anxious in the days leading up to a flight, and it led me to thinking a lot about social media and how even if someones life looks perfect, it so rarely is. You never know what else someone has got going on, or is dealing with, as we so often only choose to share the good bits. I don’t think that is a necessarily a bad thing, but just something we should remember. Maybe one day I will blog about it a bit more, I’m still undecided, but I have always said this blog will be honest and it will be. While our few weeks in the UK were great, it took quite a lot for me to get there and back, and a lot of anxiety!

I hope you still enjoy my little updates, I promise I will be back in the swing of things and post more regularly again.



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