Getting Out Of The House {2017 Week 16 and 17}

Evening all, I’ll start with an apology that last weeks update didn’t happen, believe it or not I’ve been super busy! After my last weekly update, where I had a bit of a moan about not feeling great, not getting out and feeling lonely, the past 2 weeks have definitely made up for it. I had some really lovely texts from a couple of people after hitting publish on the last post, which definitely cheered me up, and we made plans for a busy week/fortnight. WARNING: This may be a long one!

Running 10k

I was feeling pretty rubbish and wanted to start my week off in a good way, so I put on my new running trainers and went out for a long run. I ended going the furthest I ever have and ran my first 10k! It was a great start to the week and I felt very motivated and proud of myself. I’ve since found a nice route up by the California Aqueduct where I can run 8K out and back so it’s a nice little route to start increasing my distance.


Apollo Park 

I realised I’ve been getting stuck in a bit of a rut with walking Charlie at the same place everyday, so I headed up to a different park a bit further away a few times recently. Apollo Park has a big lake in the middle, so it is a bit of a change of scenery for both of us!


Meeting Up With Friends

As I mentioned, after my last moany post, I had some lovely texts from some of the other girls out here, so we made plans to meet up. I met one friend for a healthy juice (better than a Starbucks!) and the next day a couple of the ladies came over for coffee in the afternoon. It’s amazing how much these little things actually really change your day, especially if you think your going to be on your own all day.

The Getty Center

I’m going to write another blog post all about the Getty Center with all of my pictures, but I wanted to mention it as it’s something fun I did midweek. I rarely make a trip down to LA in the week, but I was invited by some friends so we had a little girly day out to one of LA’s famous sights.


Catalina Island

Again, I’ll do a separate post all about Catalina Island (the list is growing) but we spent last weekend there for Kristian to complete his diving qualification. It’s something I’ve done before, so I just went along on the trip and spent my time exploring while he was diving. It was gorgeous, we had a great weekend I’m definitely planning a trip back there!


San Diego

The day after getting back from Catalina, we headed down to San Diego. It was a very last minute trip for me. Kristian was going for work, and as he had his own hotel room it made sense for me to go along too! There was an ANZAC day memorial service on the USS Midway aircraft carrier in the morning, so I joined Kristian at the service and then we all went for drinks after at the Top Gun bar. We’ve been to San Diego a few times and I can’t believe we’ve never actually been to this iconic bar!



About once a month there is a coffee morning held for all the British wives to get together, and this month it was held by one of the ladies who lives in a different town to everyone else. It’s about 1.5 hours from where we live, much further into the desert, but it was nice to make the trip out and see somewhere different.

This is just a brief summary of some of the things I’ve been up to over the past 2 weeks. It’s been a busy fortnight, which is just what I needed. I’ve got a few more posts to write about things we’ve been up to, so there will be more updates this week.




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