Pretty Flowers, Chocolate Strawberries and The Best Beef Brisket {2017 Week 15}

Evening all, Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying a lovely long weekend. It hasn’t really felt like Easter here, there are lots of decorations etc in the shops, but Americans don’t have Good Friday and Easter Monday as bank holidays, so no long weekend! My mum usually does a big roast on Easter Sunday, so I’m missing that today. And I went for an evening dog walk around the park and there were loads of families having barbecues which made me feel very lonely.

I’ll be honest, it’s not been the best week. I had another dog to stay who suffered really badly with separation anxiety. He woke us up most nights crying and barking, so we’ve been very tired all week! He also had a bout of diarrhea midweek, which I had to spend a long time cleaning up (TMI – but added to my crap week!) It’s put me off having other dogs to stay for a while!ย I didn’t get out the house too much as I couldn’t leave the dog for long, so this blog will probably be very short.

Eating Out

By the end of the week Kristian could see it was getting to me that I hadn’t left the house much, plus he had been working late most nights, so we decided to go out for a nice meal and a much need glass of vino. It’s not often we eat out midweek, so it made a nice change for a Thursday evening. There is a chain in the US called Yard House and we both really like their food so headed there for tacos and chocolate brownies.

We ended up going out for food (and wine!) again on Friday night, it really has been one of those weeks!


Easter Deliveries

We had a lovely delivery on Friday afternoon from Kristian’s mum – a gorgeous box full of giant chocolate strawberries and cake pops! A nice little Easter gift and we have nearly managed to get through them all already. It’s fruit so it’s healthy right?


An Authentic Beef Brisket

On Saturday night we were invited over to one of the guys Kristian works with for beef brisket. He had slowly cooked it in the smoker for about 15 hours and oh my word it was delicious. I have never had beef brisket like it. I’m now researching smokers, I think we need one! We took Charlie with us too and he got lots of attention (and some sneaky bits of beef from the guys) so was totally in his element.


The Garden Is Blooming

A bit of context:

1. I am the worlds worst gardener. I have no clue. I text my mum photos to ask if they are weeds and if I should be pulling them up.

2. We live in the desert. I thought this meant sand everywhere and nothing would grow.

But apparently none of this matters, we have so much growing in the garden right now and I’ve been out taking a few pictures today. I think spring time is going to be the only time we get a green lawn and lots of pretty flowers, as it’s not too hot yet, and the sprinklers make sure everything is watered. I had to take pictures to have it on record. We have a lot of roses. These must be very easy to grow and withstand a lot, as I have done literally nothing, but we have loads! We’re going with the overgrown look…


And that’s about it, I did say it had been a pretty rubbish week, so there were only a couple of highlights. Next weekend we are going to Catalina Island for Kristian to complete his scuba diving course, and me to just chill out and explore, so we’re looking forward to that. Have a lovely week.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Flowers, Chocolate Strawberries and The Best Beef Brisket {2017 Week 15}

  1. Hi. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a crappy week with a homesick pooch keeping you up all night! I guess even pets can be like us … and miss their humans! Glad you’re enjoying the choc- dipped strawbos etc- something a little different for Easter. Anyway, the Americans don’t seem to do Easter eggs ( I searched for ages)!! Hope Kristian is enjoying his scuba course … you have a good time at Catalina Island. As for being the world’s worst gardener … haha …. I think there’s hope for you yet ! The roses are beautiful and the most important thing for plants is … just like us … food and water!! A few tubs around with colourful plants are very easy to keep; much easier than planting in the garden beds and having to water the lot !! Anything for an easy life … that’s me !! Hope Kristian’s working hours improve and that your dog-sitting is less eventful in the future! Lots of love, Dee xxx ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿฅ€๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒพ

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