Desert Walks, Lunch in LA and The Big Bang Theory Filming {2017 Week 14}

Happy Sunday evening! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. We’ve had a pretty chilled one after a long week. It’s been fun though! Here’s what we have been up to this week:

5 Mile Walk

I met up with a friend on Monday afternoon with the pup and her toddler. We were just going to go for a little walk, but 3 hours later, one sleeping 2 year old and a very tired Charlie, we realised we had walked for 5 miles! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures (bad blogger…) but we walked through the desert hills on the edge of the town we live in, and back along the aqueduct. It was so nice to have company on a dog walk, and when you can talk for 3 hours non stop you know you have found someone you get along with!

Americana at Glendale

Kristian took Tuesday off work so we headed to LA for lunch. When we were car shopping back in September, we went to see a few in Glendale. We came across an area (lit up by fairy lights which attracted me in) called Americana. It’s a pedestrianised area with great shops restaurants and fountains in the middle. It’s just a really nice place to spend the afternoon. After a wander around the shops, we had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. They have a great menu there – anything you could want – and this one has a nice outside area where you can watch the fountains. We followed up lunch with a famous ‘Sprinkles’ cupcake.



The Big Bang Theory Filming

The reason Kristian had taken the day off was because we had managed to get tickets to be in the live audience for the filming of an episode of The Big Bang Theory. It’s not something I’ve ever really been into, but Kristian loves it, and it was really cool to go to.

The set is at the Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, so only about an hour from us. You couldn’t take phones or cameras in, so I have no photos. We got there fairly early, as even though we had tickets,  we didn’t have guaranteed seats. After waiting a while we were taken into the studio, and we managed to get great seats, right in the middle between the 2 main sets. The filming took a few hours, as they film each scene at least twice, then the director reviews each scene and sometimes makes changes so they have to do it again.

It was great to see behind the scenes and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I think it’s pretty hard to get tickets, we were just incredibly lucky!

Desert Walk

We took Charlie on another walk in the desert today, and this time I did manage to get some pictures. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s so different from the kind of scenery you get in the UK. We have to be careful of rattle snakes at this time of year, fortunately I haven’t seen one yet!


Running Update

I have been running a couple of times again this week. I’m aiming to go 2 or 3 times a week at the moment. I still haven’t beaten my 8k distance from last week, but getting out there and doing it, especially when it’s warm, is enough of an achievement right now! I’ve been getting bad blisters on the insides of my feet, so I went to a local running shop for some new trainers. They analysed my gait and recommended some new ones, so I’ll be putting them to the test next week!

I’ve got another poochy to stay this week, he has just been dropped off so I hope he settles in well. Apart from that there’s not too much planned for this week. I hope you have a good one!




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