The Best Deliveries, Line Dancing and Lunch in Santa Monica {2017 Week 13}

Hello! Sorry it’s another late one for my weekly round up, this week so far has been non stop. Last week was pretty busy with a couple of trips down to LA, and the sunshine was back so that’s always good.  However I was a bit rubbish at taking photos so there aren’t many in this one! Here is what I got up to last week:

Beauty and the Beast

I wrote a whole blog post about this so won’t say too much about it, but I had to mention it as it was one of the highlights of my week! We went down to the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood to see the movie, along with some of the props and costumes from the film. In case you missed it, you can read all about it here.


The Best Delivery

My mum sent me a parcel that arrived last week, packed full of English chocolate, make up, gravy and candles. A bit random, but these are the things I miss from home, and I can’t seem to find many candles out here I like the scent of. It was so nice to receive a little parcel packed with goodies and totally made my day.


Line Dancing

One of the bars in Lancaster, the town next to us, has a country music night on a Thursday night. They do a couple of lessons too where they teach everyone the dance to specific songs. I’m not a dancer, I’m totally uncoordinated, but I like to go along and watch! It’s amazing how everyone seems to know all the moves to all the songs, and some of the people who go seem very professional. It was to go out for the evening and socialise with some of the other girls out here.

Lunch in Santa Monica

A friend I used to work with back in the UK got in touch a while ago to say that she and her husband were coming on holiday to California, so we went down to Santa Monica to meet them for lunch. We had tacos by the beach and it was lovely!


BBQ with Friends

We spent Sunday afternoon at a friends house for a little barbecue. It was so nice to sit in the sun with great company, great food and a few glasses of chilled white wine. I see us having a lot of BBQs this summer!

Running Update

I thought I would put a little update on my running progress in here in case you are interested. Last Saturday morning I upped my distance a little more and ran 8K. This is the furthest distance I think I have ever run without stopping, so was pleased with that. It was very slow, but at the moment I am just working on slowly increasing my distance, as it is definitely a mental thing stopping me right now.

That’s about it for last week, I’ll be back next week with another little round up.


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