Pub Quiz, Driving Test Take 2 and Homemade Pizza {2017 Week 12}

Happy Sunday! I’m sat writing this post with a glass of Prosecco and the husband cooking dinner, you can’t get better than that! It’s been a funny old week… The tragic news from Westminster just goes to show how quickly life can change and to appreciate every moment. I’ve been missing home a bit more than usual this week.  

Dog Sitting

I’ve been dog sitting again, and had a lovely Golden Retriever to stay all week. The business is really starting to pick up now, I’ve had a few pooches to stay and more booked in. I’m enjoying building the business out here, and it works so well for me as it is really flexible and fits into our life easily.


Running Progress

I’ve been keeping up with my running training, and this week managed to run 7K – the furthest I think I’ve ever run without stopping. I also ran by myself for the first time. I thought I’d really struggle without Gemma or Kristian motivating me, but only had a few moments when I wanted to stop – a huge improvement! Obviously I still have a way to go to the half marathon, but I’m looking for a 10K to sign up to before we go home in May.

Pub Quiz

On Wednesday night we went to a pub quiz in Palmdale. There aren’t really any traditional ‘pubs’ out here, but this quiz was held in a place called Transplants Brewery. It’s basically a big warehouse, where they have put in a bar, tables and painted murals on the walls. We did terribly… 6 Brits and an American pub quiz don’t mix, but it was nice to get out and do something different mid week.


Driving Test Take 2

I passed! I could drive on my UK license for the first 6 months of becoming a California resident, then had to have taken the test. Unfortunately they make you do a full test out here, which I didn’t revise for at all last time, and I failed because I didn’t drive in the bike lane… I was specifically avoiding the bike lane!! This time I didn’t make the same mistake and now I’m legally a California driver – good job as I’ve been here 6 months.

Homemade Pizza 

We stayed home this weekend and on Saturday night decided to try out our pizza stone on the BBQ. It was great! We made delicious pizzas and they cooked in about 5 minutes on the stone. There not round, but that’s what happens when you make your own dough! We’ll definitely be doing it again, it’s such an easy meal to make and would be good to do with friends, I’m thinking a pizza night coming soon.


Mothers Day

It’s Mothers Day in the UK today, and I’m missing my mum more than usual. Every time I’ve been on Facebook people are sharing pictures from their day spent with their mums and it makes me sad that my mum is thousands of miles away. I really appreciate the opportunity we have to be out here, but I miss my family and friends a lot.

Griffith Observatory

We had a completely free day today so after talking Charlie on a long walk this morning, we spent the afternoon at the Griffith Observatory in LA. I took loads of pictures, so will write a separate post all about it, but we had a lovely afternoon together.


That’s about it for this week. I hope you have a lovely week and I will be back soon with the Griffith Observatory post.




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