A Pool Day, Running and Wine {2017 Week 11}

Hi all, sorry this weekly round up post is mega late *Hello Wednesday* but I still wanted to share what I got up to last week. It was a fairly quiet week but a great weekend!

Too Hot To Run 

It was gorgeous sunshine all week, which is great most of the time but as I was getting ready for my run at the weekend I wanted to get out and train a few times. I met my friend on Monday afternoon to do 5K, but I really struggled. It was 27C which is probably why, but it knocked my confidence a bit when I had to stop early. I went out again later in the week when the sun was going down and it was a bit cooler and managed the 5K distance which helped, but I’m really going have to plan training runs for the half marathon throughout summer.

Free Breakfast

There is a fast food chain in the USA called Chick-Fil-A and our local one is offering free breakfast on Tuesdays in March. It’s quite random, but I met a couple of friends there on Tuesday for a coffee (and our free chicken…). It was so nice to spend the morning chatting, I think we ended up staying there about 2 hours!

An Evening In Santa Clarita

My phone screen has been broken for ages and I’ve been meaning to get it fixed, but our nearest Apple store is 45 minutes away in Santa Clarita, so I’ve been putting it off. I finally made an appointment to get it sorted and managed to get an evening one, so Kristian and I went together after work. We’ve never been before, but it’s in an area called Valencia which has lots of nice shops and a Westfield shopping mall. We had a nice little wander round and I finally got to go in to a Pottery Barn. I’ve been wanting to look in there for ages! We decided to make the most of the evening and have dinner out, which I something I don’t think we have done for ages, and makes a change to our usual midweek evenings.

Pool Day

Some of the friends I’ve made out here live in an apartment complex, which has a swimming pool. As we had such gorgeous weather last week I was invited over for a pool afternoon on Friday. The pool was freezing, but it was lovely to spend a few hours laying in the sun and chatting, it felt like we were on holiday!


Wicked Wine Run

Saturday brought the 5K run I’ve been building up to. It was around a vineyard about 45 minutes from Santa Barbara, so we left early on Saturday to explore the area a little before the run. There were 4 of us girls and my friend had booked us a really nice hotel for the night. We went for lunch (and maybe a couple of mimosas) in Solvang {I’ve written previously about Solvang here} before checking into the hotel and heading to the vineyard for the run.



They were already serving bottles of wine, but I think if I had drank anything I wouldn’t have been able to do the run at all! The run itself was really tough – it was baking sunshine and the route was very hilly which I haven’t trained for at all. I was quite disappointed as I had to stop at one point, but I did finish it. And there was a glass of wine waiting at the finish line! Can all runs be like that?!

There was then a 1K walk around the vineyard, with wine tasting stops as the sun was going down. It was a gorgeous setting. In the evening there was a live band which we spent all night dancing to, in running gear and trainers! It was a lot of fun and we all had a really good night.

Before heading home on the Sunday we had another stop in Solvang for brunch, although this time we stuck to coffee rather than mimosas!




Unfortunately my phone battery died at the beginning of the run, so thank you to Gemma and Sally for letting me steal their photos!

Sunday BBQ

We got back mid afternoon and Kristian had done a BBQ for when we got back. He went to a lot of effort, making his own burgers, bread buns, BBQ sauce… I think I should leave him on his own more often! It was the perfect way to round off a great weekend. I feel like I’m making some really lovely friends out here and this weekend really proved that. I think I need girls weekends more often!

I hope you enjoy reading these posts. I enjoy writing them and I think one day I’ll like to look back on them and our time spent in California. Have a lovely week and I’ll be back with another update soon.


7 thoughts on “A Pool Day, Running and Wine {2017 Week 11}

  1. How come you have all the fun !! Glad it went well and that you all had such a good time. Am also much impressed with Kristian’s increasing domestic skills … I must say – his buns did look good ! Keep on writing ……… love it! xx 🌞🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️🍷🍔


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