Sunshine and BBQs {2017 Week 10}

Today is a typical lazy Sunday, I can’t remember the last time we did that. After an amazing start to the week on a little road trip up the California coast, the rest of this week has been pretty quiet. I managed to write 3 posts about our trip (Morro Bay, Cayucos & Pismo Beach, and Solvang) and I’ve been making a few changes to the blog – what do you think of my new header?


Well spring is definitely here! It’s been a gorgeous week for sunshine and I’ve been getting some vitamin D every day. It’s amazing what the sun does for my mood, I just feel so much happier and more positive about everything. It’s been mid to high 20s every day this week which has been lovely to spend time outside soaking it up. The stunning sunsets are also back, this one is from a drive home in the week.


Tidying Up The Garden

Kristian and I spent most of Saturday doing little jobs around the garden (weeding, power washing the patio etc – all the fun jobs…) It was another gorgeous day and nice to spend the time together. We then headed to Lowes and picked up a fire pit! We’re almost there with the outside space so hopefully I’ll be able to do a post next week with a bit of a garden tour.




With the weather improving we’ve eaten outside every evening since we got back from Morro Bay. We bought a new BBQ a couple of weeks ago, after realising we didn’t ship ours out with us from the UK, so it was exciting to be able to use it!


Last night I invited a couple of friends over last minute and we enjoyed a nice evening outside. We had grilled salmon tacos with guacamole and humous, I could share the recipe on here if anyone is interested? It is a tasty/healthyish meal   and so easy to throw together if you invite people an hour before! It also makes a change from a typical British burgers and sausages type of BBQ.

We ended up drinking a lot of beer, Prosecco and G&T and sitting out round the new fire pit until 1am!



With only a week to go until the 5k, I’ve been running again this week. Kristian came with me on Wednesday evening which was really nice. I don’t normally run with him because he is much faster than me, but I’ve definitely improved since we last ran together so he didn’t complain about me! And I took another minute off my time so pleased with that.

LA Half Marathon

I’ve done something a little bit crazy… I’ve signed up for the LA half marathon! It’s crazy because I’m not a runner, I can only just run 5k. It’s at the end of October so have got plenty of time to train for it. A couple of my friends were doing it and I just thought, it’s probably a once in a lifetime thing for me to do that in LA so why not.

Doggy Sitting

I’ve had another dog to stay this weekend, a 12 year old West Highland Terrier called Rugby. He is so sweet, but has arthritis and really struggles with movement, poor little guy. He seems to enjoy sitting and watching out in the garden. He’s very different to our crazy, energetic Charlie!


Booking Flights

It was all a bit of a whirlwind finding out we were moving to California, but one of the first things I said when I found out (after can I take the dog?) was that I need to be back in the UK in May for my friends wedding. I’m gutted I can’t make her hen party, but this week we booked our flights to spend 2 weeks in the UK catching up with friends and family and attending the wedding. I can’t wait!

That’s about it for this week, like I said it’s been a pretty chilled one. Next week promises more sunshine, and next weekend is my 5k run near Santa Barbara so I’m looking forward to that. Have a lovely week.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine and BBQs {2017 Week 10}

  1. Really like your new header and a great read again! The new patio furniture is lovely and the patio is looking very stylish … well, Charlie seems to approve of the comfy chairs anyway! Let me have your grilled salmon tacos recipe…. I live in hope of having a summer here and it’ll make a nice change from our usual BBQ stodge! Good luck with the 5k run and I’m suitably impressed that you’ve signed up for a half marathon …. you go girl !! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️xx

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