Running 5k, Girl Scout Cookies and a Night Out in LA {2017 Week 9}

Morning all! I’m writing this early on Monday morning as I didn’t have time on Sunday – I was slightly hungover and we booked a last minute trip up the coast so were driving all afternoon (more on that later). It’s been a fairly busy week, I blogged about my top tips for San Francisco after a friend asked for advice, and also about the best websites (and discounts) for booking travel here. But here is a little round up of everything else I’ve been up to:

I Ran 5k!

3 times!!! I had to put this first as I’m actually really proud of myself. I wrote in last weeks post how much of a challenge it is to me at the moment, so I didn’t think I’d be doing it on Monday. I really do have my friend to thank for this, she pushes me and motivates me, says the right things at the right time (it’s only 30 minutes of your life, think how great you will feel when you have done it etc, just when I’m feeling like I really want to stop). By the 3rd run of the week on Saturday morning I had shaved 3 minutes off my time, and I was actually looking forward to it. They are trying to get me to sign up to a half marathon in LA in October now. I think that’s a bit ambitious but I would love to be able to run that far!


Garden Furniture Deliveries

Our patio dining table and barbecue arrived this week, I love them! We’re still waiting on a few bits for outside, but K spent Saturday putting up some festoon lights and I’m really excited about it being finished. We had a couple of warm days this week and next week is looking even better – summer is definitely on the way!



I Found Chocolate Hobnobs

This may seem such a tiny thing, but when you find British stuff living in the US it’s very exciting! You can’t really get decent chocolate here, or proper English biscuits (think custard creams, digestives, bourbons, hobnobs etc).  I found a huge stand of them in the shop on base, with the sign ‘Made in Britain’ and there was a mix of digestives and hobnobs. They called them ‘gourmet cookies’ – I’m not sure a digestive has ever been called gourmet before!


Driving Test – Mark I

So I did say I would talk about the highs and the lows in these blogs… Living in California I have to get a California driving license within 6 months of moving here, which means taking the test. I did the theory part a few months ago, but it’s coming up to 6 months of us being here so I had to book my behind the wheel test. It’s 12 years since I got my licence in the UK! The test was actually fine, but I failed!! K had taken his before and got a minor for clipping the bike lane, so told me to avoid bike lanes at all costs… so I did. I failed for NOT GOING IN THE BIKE LANE! Apparently somebody could have cut me up on the inside, which sounds about right for the way people drive over here. That’s the last time I listen to his advice, now I have to take it again!

Girl Scout Cookies

To me, girl scout cookies are such an American thing. They have a certain time of the year when they sell them, so when we saw the girls with their little stall set up it was something we had to try. I think they were quite excited we had never had them before as they got to explain the different types. The probably learn it and never get to use it! We picked up a couple of boxes so I’m looking forward to trying them.


Girls Night Out in LA

On Saturday we went on a girls night out in LA. I’ve never been on a night out in LA, and I haven’t been on a girls night out in so long, so I was really looking forward to it. We were belatedly celebrating a 30th birthday and an engagement, which was a great reason to make it a bit of a special night. We spent the afternoon at a friends, getting ready with nibbles and prosecco, before heading down to LA. My friend had booked a hummer as surprise for the girls celebrating! I have never been in a hummer before, or even a limo. It was actually great fun, so nice for some girly time, and meant we kept the party going on the journey down to LA.


We had a few drinks in some nice bars first. The W hotel on Hollywood Boulevard has a really nice outdoor area so we had some cocktails in there first, before heading to a prohibition style bar, No Vacancy. If you are planning on ever going, skip the next bit, I don’t want to ruin the surprise…! It’s in the style of an old motel, and as you walk up the stairs you get to 3 closed doors. There is no one there to tell you where to go, so you try all the doors and one opens to a bedroom, with a girl sat on the bed. She invites you in as the ‘madame of the brothel’ and tells you a few rules, before the bed moves to reveal a hidden staircase down to the bar. It was so cool! The bar itself was really fun too, with a photobooth in a telephone box.



After a few drinks  in bars we were booked onto a club crawl. We only paid $12 each and a guide will take you to 4/5 Hollywood clubs over a few hours. It was a good idea, especially as some of them gave us free drinks, and we didn’t have to pay and entrance fees either. It’s a REALLY long time since I’ve been to a nightclub, it’s never really been my thing, but I wanted to see what it was like in LA. You can’t live this close and not do it! I’m definitely more of a nice bar kind of person, but it was a fun night. I got home about 4am!

Last Minute Getaway

K had a few days leave to take before the end of the month, so took them off Monday and Tuesday. We hadn’t booked anything as I didn’t know how I would feel after our night out (I was a little hungover, but mostly tired) .We booked a hotel up the coast at a place called Morro Bay and drove about 4 hours to get here on Sunday afternoon. It’s very dog friendly so I’m excited to bring Charlie too. I’ll let you know more about it when we’re home in another post.

Have a lovely week!


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