Skiing In Park City, Utah

Hello! Sorry it’s been a few weeks since I updated here, we haven’t done too much. Kristian was back in the UK for almost all of January, and my mum came out to stay with me, which I’ve written about a few times.

We both love to ski, and like to go on a week skiing holiday every year if we can. I’ve only ever skied in Europe, so was looking forward to trying out somewhere in the US. Back in November we did quite a lot of research, looking for the ideal place for a week. One thing that really struck us was how expensive it is to ski over here. WOW. I know skiing is generally a costly holiday, but this is on another level. Accommodation and lift passes are way more than in Europe, and last year we went to Meribel, so not one of the cheaper places!

We ended up deciding on Park City in Utah. Mainly because we could drive there from California, so didn’t have to factor in flights and car hire etc too. Park City has also recently been linked to the Canyons resort next door, making it the largest ski area in the US, so plenty to keep us busy for the week.

Park City is about a 10 hour drive from us, pretty much all on one freeway.We drove through 4 states (California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah) and felt like we got to see a bit of America – a proper road trip! We broke up the journey with a night in a motel in St. George, before driving through Utah and up the mountains the next day. It was a long journey but actually didn’t feel that painful when shared between us, with the cruise control on, and on one road.


We stayed in a condo (an apartment) in Park City, and took loads of food etc with us. We’ve only ever really done catered chalets on ski holidays before, but really liked self catering. It helped that I had already pre-prepared most of the meals so only had to do a little bit of cooking. Because we drove there we could take as much stuff with us as we wanted.

The skiing was great. The first 2 days were a bit grey, then then next 4 days were brilliant sunshine, so we were really lucky with the weather. I really enjoyed skiing in the US, the slopes are much wider, without anywhere near as many steep edges, and there are a lot of trees to ski around, making it very pretty. The down side is that the runs don’t seem as long, so you feel like you spend a lot of time on lifts.

We took a lot of photos, but really how many pictures do you want to see of the pretty white stuff and our selfies?! This is probably too many…

One of the cool things about Park City is that they have on mountain photographers. They scan your lift pass and then take your pictures, which you can access later on their app. This is great for us as we have very few photos of us together, so nice to have someone else take them. On Valentines Day they had signs you could hold up. I thought it was fun, Kristian had no choice!



The town of Park City actually has quite a bit of history, something quite unusual for a lot of America. A large mining boom in the 1800s brought people here and the historic main street still has a lot of the original buildings. I’m a bit of a history geek, so enjoyed walking down the street taking photos!


Park City is only about 35 minutes from Salt Lake City, so we took a day off from skiing in the middle of the week to visit. I’ll write another post about that as I fear this one is getting a bit long. Plus we had a very random stop on our journey home, so I’ll tell you all about that in another post too.


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  1. Great stuff !! Loved the pictures and it looks as if you had a great time. I look forward to reading about Salt Lake City etc ! โ›ทโ˜ƒ๏ธโ„๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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