Universal Studios, Hollywood

About 2 weeks after we had moved into our house, my brother made a last minute decision to come out and visit. Unfortunately I was still busy with sorting stuff out, and hadn’t yet found a dog sitter for Charlie, so I couldn’t spend that much time exploring with him. He went to San Diego, and spent days in LA and Santa Monica etc during the week. We managed to get one day when we could all spend the day together, so we decided to go to Universal Studios in Hollywood for the day.

It’s about a 45 minute drive from us, so very close in American terms. We’ve been before, but there are a few new rides since then, and the whole of the Harry Potter area is new too (hence why most of my pictures are HP…)

My brother is not a fan of rides, but we made it our mission to get him on them anyway! The Harry Potter ride always has the biggest wait so we decided to head there early and make sure we had done it before the afternoon queues. Probably not the best idea for someone who doesn’t like rides and hasn’t been on them for years… We all got off feeling a bit sick (they have since removed the 3D element of the ride due to too many motion sickness complaints!) and spent the next 45 minutes on a nice relaxing studio tour.

We mixed the rest of the day up with some rides, shows and wandering around!



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