Big Bear Lake

One of the main reasons we took the opportunity to move out to California was the chance to travel. We moved in September, and after a few weeks of craziness (house hunting, car shopping, picking up the pooch from the airport etc) we were surprised with a bank holiday.

Holidays in the USA are different to those in the UK, so we didn’t realise until a couple of days before that Columbus Day was on 10th of October, meaning Kristian had a long weekend off work. We took this opportunity for a couple of days away.

A friend had recommended Big Bear as a great dog friendly place to visit, which was ideal as we had only just got Charlie over here, and had been 3 weeks without him while we moved. I booked a cabin in the village and we headed up into the mountains.

Big Bear is a ski resort in the winter, and is just over 2 hours drive from where we live. It was nice to get out of the desert and be surrounded by trees and pretty scenery! It was a lovely time of year to visit as it was warm in the daytime, but it did get pretty cold at night. Autumn (fall) and Halloween are huge over here, which meant the village was decked out for the season. They have a scarecrow competition, and all of the businesses put some kind of variation outside, which made for great photo opportunities!

img_0867 img_0719 img_0855 img_0721 img_0720 img_0861 img_0859 img_0860

The village is right next to a huge beautiful lake, which was so pretty for walks with Charlie. We did have to keep him on the lead (American law which is going to take some getting used to) which is a shame as it would have been a great place to let him off for a run around. We did see another dog playing in the water, so we sneakily let him off for a swim and a play!

We walked for ages and didn’t even get half way round the lake before turning back, it really is huge!

We had the nicest weekend, it was ideal for an impromptu break and will definitely be heading back to Big Bear for the snow!

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