Weekend in Las Vegas

I’ll be honest, when we first moved over here it was really stressful. A hotel was booked for us for 2 weeks and we were given a hire car for that time too. We had to find a house to rent in an area we don’t know, buy cars, set up bank accounts, register for medical, phone contracts, gas, water, electricity, car insurance… The list was endless, made especially difficult by the fact that everything in the USA works ever so slightly differently to the UK, so we had to figure that all out too. So our last weekend before moving into our house, when we just about had most stuff sorted, we went our first road trip. Where else to get away from all the stress than Vegas?!

It’s desert where we live, so the 3.5 hour journey between us and Vegas had the same scenery the whole way.



We’ve been to Vegas before, on our West Coast trip about 5 years ago, so we knew what to expect, and didn’t feel the need to tick off all the sights. If you haven’t been before, the Grand Canyon, Fremont Street, the Las Vegas sign, watching a show or 2, wandering in and out of all the themed hotels etc are all must sees.

We did a lot of wandering, eating, drinking and soaking up the sun by the pool. Just what we needed. We also went to see the Cirque De Soleil show, Love, which is all done to Beatles music and had a bit of a 60s theme. I’d highly recommend although I think all the Cirque shows will be amazing. Guilty secret, I also really want to see the Britney show and relive my teens… I’m sure we will be making a few more trips to Vegas when friends and family come over, it’s so close it would be rude not to!

We stayed in the Mirage, which had a nice outdoor pool and has an exploding volcano at the front of the hotel! It was pretty central to the strip too.

We’re not gamblers, but I do like to play on the slot machines, the ones where you can bet with cents. We probably spent about $20 maximum in the casino, but the great thing about it is if you are gambling you get free drinks!


On the route back, almost exactly half way between Vegas and LA is Peggy Sue’s, a proper American roadside diner, which hasn’t really been changed since the 50s. I didn’t get many pictures, but if you are interested you can read more about it here. We had heard about it stopped for a milkshake and to break up the journey. If you are doing this drive, definitely stop here!




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